Urban Spaces

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Urban and suburban spaces both share qualities within their parks that add value to their own community, however particular aspects affecting each open space can vary between the urban and suburban due to factors that can have a different effect depending on location. A factor that plays the role in shaping public spaces is surrounding monuments and their purpose in their location. Each monument can attract varying numbers of crowds and also suggest a specific emotion or energy in the space surrounding. Another aspect that can affect a public space is density and the physical properties of surrounding buildings which can define a space. A higher building density can frame a public space which encourages users to explore the space and adds value …show more content…
With St Patricks square the space is framed in a literal sense with the vast sizes of the buildings surrounding and the high rises shaping views. In ‘Towards and urban Manifesto’ it is stated ‘buildings close to each other along a street …… tend to define space if the street is not too wide in relation to the building’ which is shown clearly in the figure ground drawing with the large blocks of buildings bordering the square. The buildings organised in blocks form space, are hidden within the order of planning and define it whereas the cathedral, although being a building itself, sits within space giving it the effect of being a monument instead of a frame. The text also states ‘it is important for us to emphasise public places’ therefore by framing St Patricks square with highly dense blocks of buildings a contrast is created and the importance of a location to escape is brought attention to. This idea of emphasis is shown at Central Park in New York City where and 843 acre park is bordered by one of the densest cities in the world, the contrast between urban green and modern city life intensifies the importance of bringing a connection to nature and a relaxed atmosphere. This connection is important not only to bring visual break to the city but also because it can shape the way society forms and how people interact with each other. In …show more content…
For Hurstmere Green however the centre of the urban space isn’t as defined and the sense of urban centre can be lost. In the Suburban zone it is more important to design spaces which encourage interaction as it is where more intimate contact occurs; for example the local night market in Takapuna is where local traders gather and it’s an opportunity for local businesses to grow and give back to their community. For the urban context this isn’t as important as it caters for larger international business but the need for an escape from work is more important. Both contexts are shaped by its surroundings, more so St Patricks square as it has towering buildings which border it and compete whereas Hurstmere green isn’t emphasised by the same contrast. Out of both spaces St Patricks square is easier to identify within its own context which Hurstmere Green lacks. In takapuna due to the existing diversity is it more difficult to recognise it as an individual and specially design urban for its community. For a public space to be successful it should be identifiable and attract the user but Hurstmere is somewhat hidden in between the mall and the

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