Public School Funding For Public Schools Essay

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Public School Funding
Throughout the years, many states in America such as Arizona have experienced a decrease in public school funding due to a decline in taxes and a lack of financial resources. This has created many issues with the quality of a public school education. The current lack of financial support has decreased the ability to provide the necessary resources for our schools. This is the biggest obstacle for public schools in Arizona and many states across the nation. This is a problem worthy for all to consider in America. The urban schools have taken the biggest hit when it comes to funding. Closing the achievement gap between the highest and lowest performing students in our country has become an ever more substantial problem due to the decrease in funding. The results will have a negative influence on our future generation. The lack of funding in education jeopardizes the future of our country, making it more challenging for learning to occur with all students, and establishes inequality in education.
Not having enough funding affects the education of this country as a whole, and slowly as the fundings decreases, not surprisingly so does the educational quality. The declining funding and resource that is affecting education today is unable to capture the attention of the Federal Government. It is affecting the future of this country, "Nationally, there exists a large gap between spending in tax-wealthy and those poorer districts that are limited in tax…

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