Public Policy And Aging Report Essay

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Camarota, Steven A. "Immigration and an Aging America." Public Policy & Aging Report (2012): 1-26. Print.
The author wrote this article for the general public, intending to educate tax-payers about illegal immigrations and its harms to the national economy. The paper focuses on how children of illegal immigrants are draining resources from several school districts. Camarota points out that there are 8.6 children of immigrants in the United States that take advantage of the public school system. School system which is subsidized by tax-payers.
Camarota, Steven A. "Immigrant Employment Gains and Native Losses, 2000–2004." Debating Immigration: 139-56. Print.
The audience of this article is broad, that is due to the fact that Camarota wants to target as many individuals as possible. Being that the purpose of this paper is to inform the American people of the evils of illegal immigration. Camarota’s research shows that illegal immigrants do not pay enough taxes to compensate for the social programs they use.
Esses, Victoria M., Paula M. Brochu, and Karen R. Dickson. "Economic Costs, Economic Benefits, and Attitudes Toward Immigrants and Immigration." Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy (2011): 133-37. Print.
The writers intend this paper to be read by the hoi polloi, they want to inform every man about how undocumented immigrants depress wages. However they emphasize that due to fact that undocumented immigrants are often low-skilled they only depress wages for…

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