Hallucinogens Research Paper

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Hallucinogens are the drugs that alter a person’s perceptions of reality and create hallucinations. Hallucinations is an altered perception of senses when people live in a virtual world. Because of the mind altering capabilities, these drugs are also called psychedelic drugs or psychoactive drugs. Many psychiatrists and doctors examined the effect of these drugs on adverse medical cases, like anxiety and cancers and found positive results. However, there may be adverse short and long-term effects of the use of these drugs. In addition, there is no clear evidence of curing any diseases completely. Despite these shortcomings, these drugs are being used in many states of the United States under strict legal condition.
Keywords: Hallucinogen, Hallucinations, Psychology, Psilocybin, Marijuana, Debate
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In other words, hallucinations are just sensations that appear only in mind, but these sensations are not real. Hallucinogens are psychoactive drugs that affect the central nervous system and induce hallucinations. The psychoactive drugs have the capacity to change the users’ perception of space, time, image, sensitivity, color, texture, taste, sound, and so on (Sayin & Rutecki, 2012). There is a huge debate among scientists and policymakers regarding use and legalizing hallucinogens. Because of the intense and immediate effect on the human brain, the drug is banned in many states of the United States, and available under special prescriptions in the rest of the States. However, many doctors and psychotherapists claim the drugs need to be made available to public because these drugs cannot only save lives of many people but are also safer to use in compare to other available

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