Summary: A Psychological Limitation Of Hackers

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A Psychological Limitation of Self-Control
Interdisciplinary Rational
Hackers are people. While simplistic, this statement is the foremost factor for the need for an interdisciplinary approach to answer this question. People are complex. By extensions, many problems involving people are complex as well. Just as the human mind has been examined by academics within multiple disciplines; such as psychology and biology, it is reasonable to expect that discerning the motivational factors behind becoming a hacker would also require multiple disciplines. My research confirms this and, for the scope of this project, I have drawn from the strengths of the following disciplines: information technology, psychology, sociology, and economics. Each of
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Sarah Gordon of Symantec, has been studying the topic of hackers for over twenty years. Her research helps protect information systems by providing a clear understanding of difficult concepts within the field. In one such research project, Dr. Gordon was asked to evaluate a penetration tool that was feared by policy makers to be the golden key to hackers. Dr. Gordon’s research, however, shows that misconception of how information tools work can lead to poor decisions (Gordon, 1995). Understanding how these policies can negatively impact how protection is implemented was critical to my research. These policies are often public and, therefore, available to hackers as well. In fact, Dr. Gordon also noted in her findings that “security experts [became] tempting targets for hackers” due to their possession of security tools and their influence on policy (Gordon, 1995). Moreover, not only are security experts targets, but the protections they implement serve as a mental challenge for …show more content…
Academics and experts within the field of information technology resolved the ‘how;’ however, psychological theories and data helped explain the connection between hacker development and adolescent behavior. There are gaps, however, in the psychological research on hacking. Academics and experts in the field of psychology can discern the connections between hacker and adolescent behavior. However, psychology academics and theorist cannot tell us the impact from a sociological

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