Essay Psychological Imagination And The Sociological Imagination

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Learning about Sociological Imagination has been thought provoking to say the least. Here is this intangible thing that connects people by way of shared experience. Sam Richards talked about suicide in his Ted Talk, and how through the Sociological Imagination, there is the potential to experience relief or support in stressful times through the understanding that we are not alone in our experiences, however personal we may feel them to be. This intangible thing has the ability to actually produce change as a byproduct of its very existence, of which we consciously imagine! I have always relied heavily on Sociological Imagination as a tool to overcome insecurity, instill confidence and nurture a positive emotional perspective of gratitude. For example, when I have traveled out of the country I offset any anxiety about culture shock or unfamiliar surroundings by picturing all of the things I have in common with the people around me: We all use the bathroom, have arguments with our friends and families or drink too much and get hangovers. Mostly generalized things that the majority of people experience in their lives. I use this exercise anytime to dispel anxiety, not just when traveling. It’s kind of like when someone tells you to picture the audience naked to help you feel less nervous about a performance.
I also use the sociological imagination in the same way to equalize social power. For example: when someone holds a position of raised social status or influence over…

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