Psychological Disorders : Bipolar Disorder Essay

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Psychological Disorders: Bipolar Disorder
Approximately two percent of the world population suffers from a psychological disorder known as bipolar disorder (Harmon, 2000). Bipolar disorder, formally known as manic disorder, is defined as repeated episodes of mania (unreasonable elation and hyperactivity) and depression. Bipolar disorder may be constructed descriptively as a mélange of affective disorders, which may include the following: (a) major depressive episodes (b) manic episodes (c) mixed emotions and (d) hypomanic episodes. During major depressive episodes, the person goes through a period of feeling hopeless and they are in a seriously depressed mood. During a manic episode, the person is overly excited, extremely active, and easily distracted. Also he or she exhibits unrealistically high self-esteem, an inflated sense of importance, and poor judgement; an example would be giving away valuable possessions and going on shopping sprees (Carpenter & Huffman, 2012). Mixed emotions may make the person seem extremely happy at one point and then extremely sad the next. Hypomanic literally means “under manic” and is a mood characterized by persistent disinhibition or irritable mood.
Since we did not know about bipolar disorder until about 100 years ago, doctors are ultimately unsure of what causes the illness. Doctors estimate that two-thirds of Americans who have bipolar disorders or mood disorders are not properly treated (Harmon, 2000). People that we know could be…

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