Psychological And The Biological Causes Of Criminal Behavior Essay example

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The topic that most interested me in this unit was criminology and within that bracket my focus ended up on two subtopics, the psychological and the biological causes of criminal behavior. Given the length of the paper I further narrowed my focus to a concise look at some of the most relevant psychological risk determinants. There are, of course, a great many factors that go into driving and motivating criminal behaviors and subsequent crime. But, the most interesting for me is the psychological drive to commit crimes or engage in criminal behavior. According to the article Linking Psychological Traits with Criminal Behavior: A Review, “the role of criminal psychological traits of an individual has been receiving growing recognition as one of the most credible criminogenic factor among criminology and psychology scholars worldwide”. Within this study personality traits were separated out into low self-control, aggressive behavior, cognitive distortion, and psychological traits while the goal was to link those four categories with criminal behaviors.
Now just a quick overview of a couple of the less self-explanatory traits that are linked to criminal behaviors does not really allow for the whole picture. First to cover is neuroticism which means that the person has a tendency to respond with negative emotions, in many instances out of proportion, to events. This particular trait does seem to occur most dominantly in those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and is generally…

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