Psychodynamic Perspectives On Psychodynamic Therapy Essay

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Psychodynamic therapists stress their uniqueness in highlighting specific theoretical techniques and factors. It is a belief that changes in families and their members happen best when the family is examined in the context of its history and development. One of the advantages of psychodynamic intervention for is its capacity to identify underlying issues such as resentment and anger that may have their originated in early childhood family experiences. Psychodynamic therapy helps clients identify the past as it hinders healthy attitudes and experiences of the present. In addition, psychodynamic therapy encourages examination and discussion of the full range of a patient 's emotions (Shedler, 2010,). This allows the client begin to recognize their inner emotions that may be opposing or disturbing. Psychodynamic intervention would help the client contend with new challenges with a clearer understanding of underlying issues that may be clouding her ability to surmount current challenges. Also, psychodynamic therapy places emphasis on patients ' relationships and interpersonal experience (Shedler, 2010). For example, if client’s difficulties were from her interpersonal relationships, it would benefit the client to recognize and explore her attachment in her relationships. One disadvantage only focusing on the historical approach is the time necessary for successful psychodynamic therapy. The long-term application of this type of therapy would

may not yield enough…

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