Psy 510 And Psy 520 Students Enrolled At Southern New Hampshire University

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The population of interest for this research study will include at least seven PSY 510 and/or PSY-520 students enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University. The researcher will then ask the random respondents for consent and approval to answer the psychological tests until the desired number is reached. In addition, the researcher will maintain confidentiality among the respondents and personal identifiable information such as name, social security number, date and place of birth should not be collected.
In this research study, two psychological instruments are going to be used to measure the variables depression, anxiety, stress and suicidal ideation. This are; Depression Anxiety Stress Scale 21-item version (DASS-21) and the Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (BSS).
Depression Anxiety Stress Scale 21-item version (DASS-21)
DASS-21 is a self-administered psychometric questionnaire designed to measure the magnitude of three negative emotional states: depression, anxiety, and stress. The DASS-Depression focuses on reports on low mood, motivation, and self-esteem, DASS-Anxiety on physiological arousal, perceived panic and fear, and DASS-Stress on tension and irritability (Parkitny, L., & McAuley, J., 2010). The test has 21 items with seven items for each variable. The rating scale is from 0 to 3 whereby 0 - did not apply to me at all (NEVER), 1 - applied to me to some degree, or some of the time (SOMETIMES), 2- applied to me to a considerable degree,…

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