Protestant Reformation Impact On The Church Essay

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Protestant Reformation Impact Throughout Christian history, the Catholic Church has always been distinguished for its religious and political domain on the people. However, in order to secure their domain, the church provides a means to buy people’s salvation from those who want to go to heaven, called the indulgences. Due to the Church’s corruption that this event generated, it was establish the Protestant Reformation, which is opposed to all kinds of acts against God’s words through scripture. Another reason in how the reform affected the Catholic Church, it can be noticed through the art of the Catholic’s faith and also through the new ideas in the arts that begin to take more power in the Protestant Reformation. One of the masterpieces where it can be observed the influence of the Roman Catholic Church’s art is in the paint from Masaccio, The Tribute Money. This painting contributes with “an event in the Gospel of Matthew”(13). According to The Humanities, states that:
Christ responds to the demand of the Roman tax collector for money by telling Saint Peter to catch a fish in the Sea of Galilee, where he will find, in its mouth, the required amount. This moment occurs in the center of the painting. Behind the central group, to the left Saint Peter finds the money, and to the right, he pays the tax.
Which depicts the importance for the church to indirectly collect the indulgence of the people. In this religious painting it can be seen the disciples around Jesus, who is…

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