Prostate Cancer : An Abnormal Growth Of Tissues Essay

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Cancer is an abnormal growth of tissues in the body. The cancer cells proliferate at a rate higher than the normal rate of cell division of the normal body cells. This results in the cancerous tissues being larger than the surrounding normal tissues. The tissues therefore competes with the normal tissues for blood supply of oxygen and nutrients, therefore depriving them these essential elements. For this research, I will talk about the Prostatic carcinoma.
The prostate gland is a pear shaped gland, part of the internal male reproductive system. It lies below the bladder enclosing within it the prostatic urethra. The gland is encapsulated and held to the bladder by the Denonvilliers aponeurosis. It produces fluid that forms part of the semen that help nourish the sperm. Prostatic tumors are either benign or malignant. Prostatic carcinoma is a non-cutaneous carcinoma involving the prostate gland. It is the most common cancer affecting the American males.
Prostate cancer has a number of etiologies. The risk factors are grouped as either genetic risk factors or environmental risk factors. The genetic risk factors are as follows.
Chromosomal abnormalities; Studies have shown that certain variants in the 8q24 region of chromosome 8 are associated with increased risk to develop prostate cancer. Some of the mutations tend to occur on chromosome 1, the hereditary prostate cancer 1 gene and the PCAP genes have been found to be predisposing factors to prostate cancer…

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