Pros And Cons Of Veil

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“Resolved: The obligation to provide safe haven for refugees should outweigh a government 's right to control its borders."
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Affirmative Side

In recent events, the amount of refugees has increased immensely. Currently there are long term wars that do not show any sign of ending soon in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, south-east Turkey, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and north-east Nigeria. The Middle East and northern Africa (MENA) have been having many wars caused by radical Islamic groups
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A hypothetical veil is placed upon a society, where the identities of every person remain masked under the veil. People are taken out of their places and see their society from a new standpoint, an outside one. No one knows who they are, but rather they only see people and how society treats them. Since no one knows their identities, they do not know whether if they are in the most beneficiary positions or the least. People will assume the worst and then choose to help the most disadvantaged group, since there is a chance that they are that person. They will try to create as many opportunities for themselves as they can and try to give themselves the best life possible. Although there will still be differences that are undeniable between the advantaged and the others, they disadvantaged will be given as much advantage as can be given, since people will be scared to be left with nothing at all. People will try to create jobs, give rights, and see the world without their own person agenda behind them, but rather the agenda of the society, which is to benefit as many people as they can. People will also give as much as they can to the people who need it the most, whether if they personally reason with a conservative or liberal

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