Pros And Cons Of Civil Disobedience

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Man is born with a consciousness of right, wrong, and order of the world. It is out of these nature-given morals that government is born. Therefore, should government not also have morals as if it were a living and breathing man? The drawback is that government makes mistakes just like man. Some laws are just so unacceptable that is not only the people’s right, but duty to disobey them. Following the laws that govern us blindly is a dangerous way to live. It is acceptable to go against the government when the government threatens lives of innocents and restricts free will, when the government loses the best interest of those it governs, and when the government neglects to acknowledge the voices of the people.
It can only be expected that people
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It is not an unfamiliar case when the common middle-class citizens fall through the cracks of government. “I tried to get a movement going in town. It was unsuccessful... The town officials were extraordinarily pro nuclear.” (Lovejoy) It was not for lack of trying that Sam Lovejoy was unable to get those in power to listen to his outlook on a new nuclear plant. Government must listen to all views and ideas no matter how in minority. Considering all the options gives a more concrete and certain outcome. Lovejoy’s choice of civil disobedience was not a rushed and hasty reaction, but a planned and predicted response. He was not reckless and was prepared to serve time for the crime of forcing people to listen, much like Rosa Parks. It is understandable that he felt he had no choice but to defy the law. He had real and reasonable concern and suspicion that the new plant would be more harm than good. It is government’s responsibility to submit to the will of the people, not the other way around. When this concept is not followed, it is not the “criminal” to blame but the out-of-line government who forced his …show more content…
However, not at situations are the same and every standard has exceptions. Now, it cannot be denied that there is a fine line in between civil disobedience and criminal acts. Many make the mistake of crossing the line. Also, there is a great dispute over when breaking the law is the best response or if people should achieve their means other way. On the other hand, if a law is unacceptable in the first place then why should a person have to follow it, however short a time? The will of the people should not be repressed. Albert Einstein once said, “Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.” I think that Thoreau, Parks, and Lovejoy would all

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