Pros And Cons Of Berylliosis

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Berylliosis is an occupational lung disease. It occurs in people who work with beryllium (beryllium is an element of the periodic table, is used to make things like airplanes, x-rays or nuclear reactors. It is found in coal in the ground.) And have the same allergic sensitivity. The workers are the most affected of all. It is the staff working in the nuclear sector. This cause is because the people inhale the air so the beryllium goes into the longs and they are affected.
There are Pros and Cons:
The Pros are that we can create great things, like airplanes, and the beryllium help us in the way to get an advanced in the humanity.
The Cons are that people that work in nuclear reactors died, most of them.

According to reports in the medical
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Investigators are studying the effectiveness of corticosteroid pulse therapy in individuals with chronic beryllium disease. In one case reported in the medical literature, this therapy improved pulmonary function tests and blood gases also improved.
Are diagnosis people with an unexplained cough; difficulties breathing, fatigue, weight loss, and or rash should inform their physicians concerning any past beryllium exposure. Berylliosis may be diagnosed based upon a thorough clinical evaluation, detection of characteristic physical findings, a complete patient history, and specialized testing. During examination with a stethoscope, abnormal lung sounds may be heard.The best of all is to make the x-ray test, because there you can see what you have inside your lungs.
Diagnostic assessment may include additional, or more specialized tests to help distinguish beryliosis fro other lung disorders. For example, blood tests may be conducted to confirm sensitivity to
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We have seen to the acute an the chronic berylliosis, we know that the acute one is not the most common but it has cure and the chronic berylliosis is the most common and it doesn’t has

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