Pros And Cons Of Arranged Marriages

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Arranged Marriages have a lot of negative reaction in western society. In a Culture that mostly marries for love. Marriages quickly turn in to serial monogamy when the loves proves to be short lived and people move on. The rate of two parent households and long married couples continues to fall in the United States. In 1970 the nuclear family accounted for 40.3% of families in the United States. In 2000 that number dropped to 24.1% (Ferraro, P. 230)The typical nuclear family that you think of is shrinking at an alarming rate leaving a lot of alternative family’s in its wake. Even with the statistics of the shattering marriages in the United States we still have an egocentric view that arranged marriages are horrible, a thing of the past and …show more content…
There is pros and cons of each side of the argument. Pros include it provides a way to continue a particular faith or culture. Lower divorce rate vs love marriages. They have close knit families that create a support system that really fosters marriage longevity and success unlike other societies. In India the divorce rate is at a low 2% while love marriages in other parts of the world is about 50%. The low 2% divorce rate might be misleading considering getting divorced is considered taboo. Many woman might stay in a unhappy marriage to protect their family name. The individuals involved will never experience the dangers or heartache of lost love from …show more content…
On a positive note arranged marriages bring together people that wouldn’t be able to find spouses due to religious restrictions of socializing with opposite sex. I can see how if you’re not even allowed to socialize with the opposite sex you are going to need help in finding someone otherwise you might be forever single. Courtships are short and you are expected to get married or move on making the process

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