History Of Affirmative Action

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Nancy Raya
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16 December 2016 Nonpartisan: Affirmative Action The origin of the term affirmative action came from an executive order by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, designed to promote equal employment opportunities. In 1964 the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which banned discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, and sex in the areas of employment, public facilities, and government programs. The Equal Employment Opportunities Act (1972) set up a commission to enforce plans to overcome the effects of past discrimination in the areas of employment. These plans were referred to as affirmative action. For decades this has been, and still
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Merit, in their view, was overlooked in favor of placing representative numbers of minorities in employment and in college and university slots:” The term equal opportunity comes to mind because all should be given an equal opportunity based on qualifications and performance. There are those who object to affirmative action, but it was introduced because of discrimination against ethnic groups, particularly black African, and Latinos. Those programs are to help minorities and giving them the opportunity to attend the college of their choice; if they have earned the required grade average. Then they should not be denied that opportunity for …show more content…
The civil rights policies are popular issue, but continue to be a controversial subject. Although affirmative action was meant to “level the playing field” which is good thing, there needs to should be a fairness and balance in how this matter is handled. “If unqualified individuals are consistently promoted at the expense of those who are better, eventually a serious decline in incentive could become widespread, and this might cause the best and brightest to lose productivity.” (Waldo E. Martin). In other words some have argued that positive affirmative action, might do some harm than good, because minorities have been seen achieved success through being treated favorable rather based on their own credit or merits. Reverse affirmative action, is reverse discrimination, for example, this is reverse discrimination, we succeeded the quota for choosing minorities. On the contrary that was a form of discrimination, he chooses the most qualified person for the job, and it had nothing to do with a racial based preference or

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