Pros And Cons Of A Free Market

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The Effects of No Government Regulation Versus Government Regulation on Free Markets
By: Jonathan Reams
Macroeconomics 210-007
April 2, 2015

A free market economy is a market-based economy in which the prices of the goods are created by supply and demand without the interviewing of the government. America was founded on this type of economy and has been thriving ever since, with the exception of a couple of misfortunes. In this article, Free Markets: What’s the cost? , Chris Seabury discusses the pros and cons of a free market style economy. Seabury gives examples and goes in detail explaining that although a free market economic system has proven to be very successful and prosperous, many people
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, Seabury elaborates on the main issue of a free market, which is more government regulation or none at all in this economic system. Each side has both its benefits and disadvantages. There have been “experiments” with both of these economic strategies to possibly decide if one is more efficient than the other.
In a free market with no government regulation the advantages include the insurance of competitive markets, contributions to economic freedom, allowance of the people to exercise political and civil freedoms, the consumer’s decisions mean a lot and are the deciding factor in determining what products and services are in demand, and a competition that is created by supply and demand (Seabury pg.2). When there is a free market, it creates a high level of competition is created by the efforts to see which business can have the highest level of quantity supplied for the best price. Free markets allow the people of America to exercise their rights to own their own businesses. Lastly, a free market becomes more dependent on the consumer, so it can find and maintain equilibrium. An equilibrium between supply and demand results in stable prices. The equilibrium of stable prices is what the producers and consumers strive for
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article, I am in agreement with Seabury. When I first began to read the article I felt like the American government should take a step back and not be quite so involved in the free market economy, but then once was given evidence of how the free market with no regulation at all failed in some important areas, I found it necessary for some responsible and honest government regulation. The government only needs to intervene in these certain areas where they are supposed to and nothing else. Every topic and every issue discussed in this article along with additional research pointed to the perfect balance of both the free market combined with government regulation to be able to produce the right supply and demand to maintain a constant equilibrium of stable prices. This equilibrium creates the most stability and opportunity for success in the American

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