Proposal Essay

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Recently, my car’s head gasket was blown and is now in need of repair in order to get it to run again. I have not been able to afford the parts and labor because the cost will come to $2000 plus. I’m working as a Federal Work Study at the school, and taking home far too small of an amount to be able to afford this cost due to bills and everyday living costs. I live with my aunt and uncle, and my uncle has allowed me to use one of his cars so that I can get to work and school. If my car is not fixed within the week, he has told me that he is going to get rid of it. While this might not seem like too much of a problem since I have the use of his vehicle, it is. He is not happy about me using his car as he is overly possessive and assumes the …show more content…
I already have the supplies I need, so I don’t have to worry about spending any money that I do not have to spend. I can ask some family, like my grandma, for a loan. She doesn’t have a lot of spare money, so I know it would be small and that I would still have to come up with the rest. Another way to get some money is to sell some of my valuable items. I don’t have many, but if I am smart with where I sell them and to who, I might be able to earn a good amount of money from them. Lastly, I do have a pay day this Friday, so the money I earn from working will definitely go towards the car repair. The most obvious cost of this plan is the $2000 plus that it will take to repair the car, but it will also cost me some of my items, my time, labor, and resources. By asking for money from my other family members, it could cause a strain on our relationship. The benefit of this all would be that I would have my car in working condition again. My uncle can then have his car back, and tensions will presumably ease up in the house. If action isn’t taken, I will lose my vehicle. I cannot chance losing my car if I want to move out of my aunt and uncle’s home because I will be set back by having to purchase another car. I will also have to continue to use my uncle’s car, which will most certainly cause all tension to continue and perhaps get worse. By taking the steps stated above, I should be able to make

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