Propaganda And Propaganda For The Nazi Party Essay

1288 Words Nov 15th, 2016 6 Pages
The day Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany, the world changed forever, whether the public knew it at the time or not. Looking back, it is obvious to see that Hitler’s reign would end catastrophically for the republic of Germany and the world; however, the German public was convinced Hitler was their savior due to his extensive use of propaganda. Through a series of cleverly thought out plans to manipulate the working class and propaganda to enforce Nazi ideologies, Hitler was able to exploit the German public into supporting him and his radical political party. Thus, Hitler’s use of media to spread propaganda for the Nazi party, as well as his manipulation of the German working class, is what led to his rise in power during the 1933 elections and the further promotion of the Aryan race. First, before one can asses how propaganda affects the masses, one must know what exactly propaganda is. To plainly put it, propaganda is not simply any or all political posters, but rather, any text that “constructs its truth through three strategies - distortion, diversion and fabrication” (Buscemi 183). In other words, propagandistic text is something that manipulates the public by forming its own version of the truth. In regards to the three strategies listed above, distortion refers to modifying reality to comply to certain interests; diversion to shifting the focus away from unconventional and uncomfortable truths that counter these ideals; and fabrication to creating…

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