Prometheus Myths

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As we all know, myths and legends are supernatural but splendid, which always bring us to a wonderful world with gods, kings, nymphs. This book is of no exception. Because it is written for children, it is shortened to fourteen brief stories, so we can read i it very quickly.
After finished reading the all stories, I think the most miserable character is Prometheus, who stole fire from the throne of Zeus to his loved people. For this reason he was published brutally by Zeus, who had Prometheus chained to a rock on top of a high mountain called Mount Caucasus, and sent a great vulture every day to feed upon his liver, which was consumed by day, and by night grew again. Zeus said he must stay in this torment until he returned the fire to heaven. Undoubtedly, Prometheus definitely did not do so. He love his people and he felt
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She was longing to see the glorious light. One day she came out from the ocean accidently, and happily she saw the sun. She sat on a rock for nine days, her eyes fixed upon the sun with a great love and longing in her heart. One the tenth morning, she became a sunflower, the small and humble image of the sun.
So nowadays we can find out that all the sunflowers in the world turn upon their stalks, from sunrise until sunset, so that they may always keep their faces towards the sun.
Significantly, this book brought me a good reading feeling, because there were some beautiful and fresh pictures of natural sceneries formed in my mind when I was reading. For instance, we can see the world from Clytie eyes. This was is "It was early dawn, and the waking world was very beautiful. Clytie had never seen the trees and the flowers. She had never heard the birds chirping, or the forest wind rustling the leaves. She had never smelled the fragrance of the meadows, or seen the morning dew upon the grass." It is full of quietness and I may have breathed the fresh

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