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Project Proposal: Site Structure
Gregory Rodriguez
Jenna Setticasi

Site Structure Page Content Section Since I have already constructed an idea for my site, it is time to hammer out how the site structure is going to be look. Of course, this is only a rough draft really, so mainly this is just to give me a general idea, so bear with me as a gaming website can sometimes be a difficult thing to make successful. First we’ll start off with the main page, and what its contents will consist of, then after there will be plenty of sub-links for each individual system. Next there will be a Chat system in place, with monitors of course to keep people in check; there are kids in there, you know? Lastly, there will be a
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Firstly after you click the specified link, there will be numbering from 0-9, and lettering from A-Z, these links will contain each game corresponding to its first Letter or number. After you find whatever game you are looking for and click the link, the game covers will appear, its retail price, and what other systems it can be purchased on. Also, a rating system consisting of 5 stars under each game and the main plot of the game, this is so the consumer has a better general idea of what the game is like. Lastly, on these pages will be sub-links to cheats, gameplay, and a strategy guide taken from other sites (with approval from them).
Site Structure: Type Section Lastly, I have chosen the Hierarchical structure for this web site. Because there is a lot of information to deal with on several video games and system types and video games have sub-types, so I feel this structure would work best. There will be a very wide variety of interest in games and also in the age and sex of those visiting the sites. What suits one age group may not suit another so there must be a way to allow the user to visit the areas that interest them most and gather that information. The Hierarchical site is structured and broken down into sections that is most appeasing to people of this variety.


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