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Title: Project Management Concepts and Practices: Project Proposal for Installation of 220 Radiology (X-Ray) Imagers for the I-Med Network Australia-wide.

Assignment Topic:
The purpose of the assignment is to explore the application of concepts, tools and techniques covered in this subject and to present a report based on your findings.
Assignment task
Option 1) has been chosen by this author:-
Develop a project proposal for a new project.
The assignment might be based on:
A proposal for a potential new project that you or your organisation have in mind;
Appraisal of an activity you believe would be improved by managing as a project;
Appraisal of an existing work project you are currently involved with; or
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Therefore projects are specific entities which require specialised management in the form of a project manager and his or her team.
The first part of the process or life cycle of a project is the proposal stage where the project is defined and planned. This paper will concentrate on these aspects of project management.
A detailed overview and analysis of the project will ensue so as to show what is required to bring a project together to a successful conclusion.

2 The Companies and Project Environment

2.1 Fujifilm Medical Systems
A pioneer in imaging, Fujifilm Medical Systems (FMS) was the first company in the world to introduce a digital x-ray diagnostic system in 1983. Besides x-ray imaging equipment, FMS also produces and markets endoscopic, ultrasound and medical IT (PACS and RIS) solutions. FMS is a subsidiary company of Fujifilm Holding Company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In Australia, the head office is in Brookvale, Sydney.

2.2 The I-Med Network
The I-Med Network or I-Med Radiology Network is a privately owned company and the largest medical imaging network in Australia with 200 clinics covering all major metropolitan areas and significant parts of rural and regional Australia.
The group offers all scans and radiology services including X-ray, PET, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Mammography and

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