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Project Charter
Colorado Spring Welcome Home Parade
Project Management
January 24, 2015 Abstract
This project charter is planned to help O’Donnell & O’Donnell LLP who will lead the project management team take place the parade smoothly. This parade for welcoming home troops will be organized in Colorado Spring which has a long history of military. This project charter’s goal is making sure project management team and sponsors understand all details and tasks of this parade and getting an agreement between these two parties. Some important tasks can be directed with the project charter. For examples, raising fund, arranging thousands of soldiers and planning a lunch
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The following problems may occur during setting the schedule in a project charter: schedule is not realistic, only “best case”, important task is missed from the schedule, and unfamiliar areas of the project take more time than expected to design and implement. (Rawi,2014). We can analyze a risk based on the parade case by using the above knowledge. As we know, fund raising is an important factor which may determine if the parade will be successful. A risk of fund raising is lack of enough donations. The contingency plan in term of this risk can be reducing cost in some unnecessary areas and expending donation range.
Risk /Assumption
Risk owner
Contingency plans
Not enough donation
Management team committee
Reduce cost and expend donation range
Fire disaster
Project manager
Communicate with fire department heads and position rescue crews along route
Traffic jam
Project manager
Discuss with city engineers and inform town in advance of any road delay
Project manager
Let paramedics pass out water

Stakeholder list
Stakeholder list is designed to identify who will be involved in the project, who cares about this project, and who has benefit and objectives from this project. In addition, stakeholder list will tell the main responsibilities and interests of all stakeholders. It is helpful to see their desires and plan the following details.
Interest in project
Over project success, overall cost
Department heads
Impact on their department,

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