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Index Introduction

Identification of best practices

Types of industries

Linkage to your organization’s practices

Recommendations for your organization to improve on



The main focus of the common main markets in around the entire world work and efforts regarding customer satisfaction should be on the collection of best practices and the preparation of guidelines for questionnaires to measure customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction has therefore become the key operational goal for many organizations. They have invested heavily in improving performance in areas that make a strong contribution to customer satisfaction, such as quality and customer service.
The customer satisfaction
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It is a biased behavioral purchase process that results from a psychological process.
Other researchers have defined loyalty as “a favorable attitude towards brand resulting in consistent purchase of the brand over time”

The value–profit chain concept.
Treat customers like employees and employees like customers is a set of principles for building successful organizations trough delivering value to employees, customers, shareholders and any other key stakeholder groups.

Implementing a customer survey.

Usually most important aspect that will distinguish a professional from an amateur survey is the sampling. Accurate sampling is essential in order to demonstrate that the survey is based on a representative group of customers. If the sample is not truly representative the survey results will be meaningless because you will never know whether they represent the views and satisfaction.

Types of industries The type of industries that can be measured by the customer satisfaction measurement is very diverse. An organization dedicated to this is the ACSI which is in charge of evaluate all type of industries in the US .ACSI reports scores on a 0-100 scale at the national level and produces indexes for 10 economic sectors, 45 industries (including e-commerce and e-business), and more than 225 companies and federal or local government agencies. In addition to the company-level satisfaction scores, ACSI produces scores for the causes and

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