Essay about Project Management 6302

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Project Management 6302
The Family Planning Research Center of Nigeria
Yu Hsu (Yeena)

Project planning can best be described as the function of selecting the enterprise objectives and establishing the policies, procedures, and programs necessary for achieving them. In this case, Dr. Adinombe Watage is a director of the Family Planning Research Center in Nigeria’s Over-The- River Province. He was assigned a project needs to be done within 60 days and they just have 10 workers for this case. After they calculate, they found out that they need to spend 94 days to complete this project. If they use the Pathminder Fund to hire more employees to speed it up. They still need to estimate the lowest cost for this project.

Project Planning
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Oglagadu | Identify faculty and their schedules | R | A | C | Arrange transport to base | A | R | C | Identify and collect training materials | A | R | C | Make accommodations | A | I | R | Identify team | A | R | C | Bring in team | R | A | C | Transport faculty to base | A | R | C | Print program material | I | R | C | Deliver program materials | I | R | I | Train team | I | R | C | Do fieldwork | I | R | C |

R= Responsible A= Accountable C= Consult I= Inform

Role: Deputy Director
Name: Dr. Adinombe Watage
Responsibilities: Deputy Director of the Family Planning Research Center in Nigeria’s Over-The-River Province. He has the responsibility to accomplish this project with expire day and cost.
Authority: control all of the organization and supervise achieved percentage of scheduled progress.

Role: Chief of Clerk
Name: Louis Odaga
a. Supervise workers accomplish the project in time. b. Reflect workers’ need.
Authority: Arrange workers’ position.

Role: Chief of Nurse
Name: Mr. Oglagadu
Responsibilities: Take care of workers health.
Authority: Help chief clerk to arrange workers. Make sure they won’t overtire.

Risk Planning

Project Objects | Risk Type | Impact scale | Description | Workers’ Hours | Known | High | The workers’ hours will impact the whole project progress. Need to complete within 60 days, therefore the workers’ hours are very important. | Faculty |

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