Project Classroom Makeover By Cathy Davidson Essay

1676 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
In Cathy Davidson’s article, Project Classroom Makeover, one can easily see how biased and unrealistic the majority of her ideas and opinions are towards creating a new education paradigm. She has many valid points, but the amount of holes in her plans outweighs the benefits. What Davidson wants is an education to be interesting, while providing children with a successful start to life. While her intentions are possible, she is hoping for the wrong things to be changed in order for her scenario to work. Cathy Davidson strongly believes that standardization is inhibiting the ability for students to show their true potential outside of what is deemed important by the school. She also attempts to explain how standardization is leading to higher failure rates among students yet, she does not take into account the feasibility of a customized curriculum for each student. There is also a common misconception Davidson brings up; when kids don’t pay attention in school it is because of the material, while this is possible, it is most often because the teachers are not engaging enough. While standardization is important, we should put more focus on providing an environment that allows students with a customized curriculum to be prepared for what is considered the norm for work in a digital economy. Standardization is a necessity in the education system that allows it to run smoothly while still providing a baseline for students. Standardization as referred to here is the…

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