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Summative Assessment 2

An effective and productive team doesn't just happen. It requires structures, support and processes that encourage development. Team building happens over time. When building and developing a cohesive, effective and productive team you need to determine how your team fits and the roles they play in the organisation. Does anything need to be changed? How and when can these changes be put into action? Organisational, strategic and operational plans need to contain suitable mechanisms for supporting team development.

As teams grow they need to come to terms with their individual task/ roles, the teams tasks/roles and with one another. They need to
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Consider how the receiver will take what your saying 4. Be specific 5. Explain your thoughts 6. Your feelings 7. The outcome 8. Check the understanding.

Staff want to feel acceptance and a sense of belonging. Your team relate more efficiently when the information concerns them, their team and the tasks they are involved in. It's totally normal for teams to have issues in the workplace but its how the team works through these issues. That is the key indicator of how it is performing as a team.

In order to create a culture of continuous change and improvement there needs to be confrontation and a level of challenge. The ways to resolve issues effectively you need to have:

• Conflict • Honesty • Support • Trust • Openness • Co-ordination • Good decision making procedures • Intergroup relations • Agreed methods to raise concerns, issues and problems.

There needs to be an atmosphere that has trust, cooperation and sharing so that they are comfortable raising issues and understanding what exactly the problem is so it can be resolved appropriately. Some processes that could be used in dealing with concerns are:

• Team meetings • Discussion forums • Open door policy • Around the table discussions • Suggestion boxes • Structured conflict resolution process • A board on which concerns are listed.

As stated before to

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