Essay about Progressive Reformers Faced Mixed Results

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The middle class of American society demanded change following the turn on the century for an increased emphasis on childhood education, women’s rights in society, and regulation of food and drugs. There was also an increase demand for the American people to be further involved in governmental affairs as well as the diminishment of monopolies and protection from financial exploitation. From 1900 to 1920, the Progressive reformers partially struggled to address the social concerns of the American People due to the birth-control movement not being a success, but were able to successfully meet political concerns through the implementation of such reforms as the Wisconsin idea. Progressive reformers faced mixed results addressing the social needs of the American people, as the birth-control movement was not a success in comparison to the successful reforms in Education as well as the food and drug industry. The expanding American middle class’ sought to advance childhood in American society as an important period of time when individuals should be exposed to age appropriate education and activities. Education reformer, John Dewey, drove the higher education reform through his assertion that the United States educational system needed to prepare students for the modern era by making personal development the focus of the curriculum (Norton, 549). The education reform successfully increased the number of enrolled students in a public school system to 78% by 1920 (Norton, 549).…

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