Essay on Professional Code Of Ethics For Nursing

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Professional Code of Ethics in Relation to Nursing
Each passing day, decisions are made that require the guidance and support that ethics provides in order to address situations with fairness. All professional arenas are expected and required to uphold standards that are centered on ethical principles. Ethics, according to Baillie, H., McGeehan, J., Garrett, T., & Garrett, R. (2013), “seeks to determine how human actions may be judged right or wrong” (p. 1). As nursing students, we are taught to regard every human being we care for in an ethical manner that does not threaten their dignity. With that in mind, the American Nurse Association (ANA) has developed a standard nursing code of ethics. The nursing profession stands on nine provisions that elaborate on the expectations and responsibilities of a nurse. Some of these provisions include the right to self-determination, privacy and confidentiality, and virtue. These provisions correspond to the general health care ethics to ensure that patient centered care and safety is top priority.
Provision One: Right to Self-Determination In the realm of nursing, it is imperative to maintain the dignity and independence of each human being. The American Nurse Association states in Provision One that every nurse must practice with compassion and respect to the dignity, value, and unique qualities of all persons (p. v). In week 3, we discussed the principles of autonomy. We defined autonomy as an individual’s right to make…

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