Product Description: SWOT Analysis: Insunite

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Product Description: Insunite is a user-friendly website that is designed to help those looking to price shop multiple carriers to find the best value on auto insurance. Insunite will be a platform that allows customers to view many different auto insurance companies ' policies and prices and select the best value for them. The customer will have to join Insuinte by creating an account. Their profile will include the following: name, city, state and zip-code, age, profession, car make and model, estimated miles to be driven annually, accident history/driving record and an email. Once their profile is completed they will enter additional information needed to obtain quotes, including preferred coverage type, current insurance provider, etc. …show more content…
Updates are sure to happen to keep our site running at its full functioning ability. We will have to make sure we are always checking for updates because each update downloaded, will make it tougher for hackers to hack into our site.
SWOT Analysis
This is the first product of this kind dealing with auto insurance, which gives it a great advantage over the competition. Insunite is a quick way to get multiple insurance quotes quickly from different insurance companies in your area. It is user-friendly and a one-stop shop for all interested users.
Since Insunite is a web based company it will not be available to the entire public. Those who do not have Internet or a device to access the web will not be able to use Insunite. Insunite would be reliant on insurance companies buying into the platform in order to have options for users to choose from. Since we are strictly online, there is always a possibility of getting a virus on our website which would attack the users computers when browsing our website.
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Define the target market
d. Identify the distribution channels most used by the target markets
e. Create a marketing message for each distribution channel
5. Strategy Statement
To advance a complete marketing communications plan to introduce Insunite - a wide variety of insurance options at prices within budget, in a fraction of the time, creating efficiency and ultimate value to the users.
6. Tactical Plans
Printing Advertising: Printing flyers to be placed in car dealerships or DMV, buying ad space in magazines or newspapers, and buying billboard space to promote our website in all areas. Personal Selling: Insunite would personal salespeople go to insurance companies to explain the benefits of having their insurance available on Insunite by buying into our platform. These salespeople will travel to all major cities in the United States and its surrounding areas, so it gives our potential customers the option to browse all potential insurance policies in their area just by typing in their area code. Events/Sponsorships: Insunite employees will attend car shows throughout the country to focus potential clients ' attention to our

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