Essay about Product Description Of Insunite Is A User Friendly Website

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Product Description: Insunite is a user-friendly website that is designed to help those looking to price shop multiple carriers to find the best value on auto insurance. Insunite will be a platform that allows customers to view many different auto insurance companies ' policies and prices and select the best value for them. The customer will have to join Insuinte by creating an account. Their profile will include the following: name, city, state and zip-code, age, profession, car make and model, estimated miles to be driven annually, accident history/driving record and an email. Once their profile is completed they will enter additional information needed to obtain quotes, including preferred coverage type, current insurance provider, etc. After they enter all their information, Insunite will return a list of different quotes from different auto insurance companies. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time forfeited to find the lowest insurance premium. Additionally, it will show different coverage options from each company.
The primary market this plan will target are individuals ages 21-35 who have recently been in an accident and will be shopping for the best value after premiums increase on their current plan. Those individuals include male and female of any income, and include all geographic regions. The secondary market that this plan will target includes the parent(s) or guardian(s) of those who do not pay for their own insurance or those who have two or more…

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