Process And Product Innovation : Johnson & Johnson 's Current Production Process

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Process & Product Innovation One way or another companies are always trying to improve whether it be their quality, speed to market, spending or manufacturing. This goes without saying that, as always, the consumer and the consumer’s consumer (in this case the patient) is the number one focus. Regardless of what these companies want to do or change to their process and their products there will always be obstacles. Major examples of these obstacles are, fear of there being too few trainers for these complex products, maintenance/purchasing of spare parts, and ability to identify problems (Barriers to Innovation, 11). Johnson & Johnson’s current production processes they are testing out is what they are calling, “continuous manufacturing.” This innovation attempt as explained in their 2014 Annual Report is, “where raw materials are fed into a single, continuously running process. Such innovations have the potential to increase quality, provide clear opportunities to identify problems before production is completed, reduce costs associated with lost batches and reduce production time and expense.”
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Storage, tracking & transportation, and security are only a few of the many aspects of logistics that give medical device companies giant headaches. With the size and value of these devices, companies aren 't able to simply expect or rely on basic delivery services provided by companies like UPS, Fedex or USPS.
Companies were listening…

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