Problems Of Fast Fashion

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It is very likely that one of your favorite brands comes from a fast-fashion giant. Fast fashion is all around us, from the clothes we buy to the shoes we wear. However, there are issues on the fast fashion phenomenon that need to be addressed. But has anyone ever given thought to the people who make a ten dollar t-shirt possible? According to Shima Akhter a factory worker in Bangladesh “believes [that fast fashion] textiles are produced from blood like [workers like her]”(qtd. in Moore). Companies like “Gap, Wal-mart, Sears, J.C penny, and Disney” do business in Bangladesh (Ethical Fashion pg 2). Many of these companies see workers like Akhter as replaceable pawns helping them become wealthier. It is no surprise that these companies are the …show more content…
This makes it more desirable for fast fashion companies to move their factories there. Consequently, with Bangladesh lower wages one can say that Bangladesh is trying to step into China’s oversized shoes. China is considered the image many consumers picture when cheap labor comes into mind. They seem to be the kings at what they do. They produce cheap clothes fast and efficient. When Cline went undercover in China as a garment buyer she noted that “China’s factories are very modern and tech savvy. The design rooms would have apple computers and the factory girls would skype with [her]” (Ethical Fashion pg 3). The amount these workers make in a month reflect the environment they work in. Who would have thought that the factories that are supposed to produce cheap clothes have apple computers. Compared to a place like Bangladesh that “has major infrastructure problems whose power can go out up to six times a day or more” shows the major differences between these two countries (Ethical Fashion pg 4). These two countries produce the same textiles. Yet the workers in one country had to pay the true cost for the affordable clothes consumer purchase on a daily

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