Problems Faced By Offenders When Fenders Essay

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1st Topic of Discussion: 1.The problems faced by offenders when the offenders are: (1) released from a penal facility; and (2) attempting to find employment; including studying the possibility of establishing programs to encourage employers to hire these offenders.

Name: Pam Ferguson, Assistant Superintendent of Rockville Correctional Facility

Rockville women’s prison starts working with offenders right away to help the reform process as soon as the offender is enrolled. When entering the facility the offenders are tested for mental health, physical health, and education level. They are then to work with a caseworker to determine the best approach to reform. The offender and caseworker discuss treatment for substance abuse, pursuing a GED or advancing there education, and discussing the options of enrolling into one of the facilities multitude of reform programs; the main programs are Community Faith and Clean Living Forever (CLF). There are waiting list for both these programs and do not have the facilities and staff to expand the programs. However, there efforts have ramped up significantly. Their community faith programs are reducing repeat offender, since 2005 when the program was started. These programs are therapeutic programs that give the offenders everything they need to be successful, including technology and culture emersion so they know how to interact with the outside when releases. Of the offenders 35% of them have a mental health issues, with depression…

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