Problems Faced By Designing A Product Or Service Essay

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There are always multiple ways to solve problems to one specific question, or there can never be an answer at all. The process of solving problems is not always as straightforward as it seems when there are no definite answers. “Wicked” problems are not easily solvable, causing the process of solving them to be long and experimental. Many “wicked problems have multiple solutions or none at all, however a solution can be found by using design thinking, an approach to help discover innovative ways to resolve a business 's challenges.
This process aids designers in understanding the mindset of the people being provided a product or service, whether it is the supported or generally disliked or by the consumers. Doing research and understanding what prospective customers look for in a product, or specific aspects they would like to improve. Designers observe current customers using or interacting with the product or service that requires improvement. Once the problem is identified designers will work together to find the best possible solutions to the problem.
By incorporating designers with varying degrees in the social sciences and natural sciences into the design process they are able to build upon each other 's ideas and insights. With so many options and ideas available to work from, the risks of imposing the wrong solution on customers are minimized and designers are able to focus on the genuine needs of individuals and groups. The systems-orient work to emphasize a…

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