Proactiv : Managing The Vulnerable Young Women With Skin Concerns

1216 Words Nov 1st, 2016 5 Pages
Proactiv proactively wants your money Proactiv is currently a well-known brand around the United States. Their products are constantly being advertised through television, magazines, and posters. Proactiv released an advertisement that is considered offensive and cruel by those whom happen to read it. Proactiv’s Advertisement intends to take advantage of the vulnerable young women with skin concerns, to sell their acne products by claiming that they do not have a love life, because of their acne. This offensive advertisement consists of a black background to emphasize the focus of bold white capital letters “GOT ACNE?”, this immediately draws attention to consumers that may have problematic skin. White bold yet smaller letters continue “JUST ASK YOUR BOYFRIEND WHAT TO DO. OH, THAT’S RIGHT YOU DON’T HAVE A BOYFRIEND”, the last part is in pink coloring to emphasize that those words are specifically meant for the female audience to see. Followed by reading those words then comes the products being advertised and brand name below that advertises the solution to the problem, proactiv. The products consist of two white bottles and one in a green aquatic color. Each individual bottle shown is labeled renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner, and repairing lotion. Those three bottles are advertised as their three step treatment solution. The format of this advertisement has been strategically placed to draw attention to the letters that then continue downwards…

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