Privatization Is A Primary Goal Essay examples

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De-Privatisation. Is this really happening?
Privatisation is a primary goal in neoliberalism. In layman’s terms, privatisation means passing control from the state to private ownership. Hoover believes that there is a de-privatisation of religion, which would be contrary to our discussion that religion reproduces the neoliberal self if true. Hoover discusses the central driver of de-privatisation of religion is religious differentiation through media. This can occur through media-generated images and icons or the media framing religious discourses and debates (Hoover, 2011). Hoover (2011) continues to argue that religion is de-privatising because it has a set of public relations in society and that religion is expressed in the public not just the private. However, I don’t agree with Hoover and how he portrays his definition of “private”. Just because media is used to disseminate messages to the public does not mean that religion is not private. In the context of neoliberalism, private is not a matter of public versus private; I believe it is a matter of state versus private ownership. Since the government is not regulating religion and the manner in which religion is practiced, it is indeed privately owned by the religious entity. We do see religion entering the public sphere through many more windows but again, I don’t believe that means it is de-privatised. “We now see the introduction of modes of “spirituality” into educational curricula, bereavement and addiction…

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