Alan Dershowitz Analysis

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Monica Frackowiak
Rhetoric 102-001
Critical analysis Organized religion and the 21 century issues Alan Keyes, debated against Alan Dershowitz regarding the topic, if “organized religion hold answers to the problems of the 21st century?”. I am going to organize a summary of both Keyes, and Dershowitz side of their debate. Concluding with an analysis, this will evaluate and break down the debates information. Both Alan Keyes and Alan Dershowitz had strong points during their debates, although Dershowitz was more clear and concise. Dershowitz balances his main points from being fair minded, provides clear and concise arguments, explains that there's different ways to solve issues than relying on religion to answer all of America's issues.
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Lieberman correctly. Keyes chuckles as he attacks Dershowitz debate. Keyes adds he is not going to continue to comment on Dershowitz debate yet he continues to criticize. Keyes continues to contradict himself, personally attacking Dershowitz to make himself look better, only ruining his own credibility. Keyes continues by stating there's going to be good individuals who don't believe in god, and there's going to be individuals who are basically no good that do practice religion. We must continue to proceed with caution. “But what does caution imply? Well, caution implies that you're indulging in something that's dangerous”. You might come across a destructive path, but you must proceed with caution so you won't destruct. This way our nations will not be guided down for destruction once caution is implemented, deterring from …show more content…
Dershowitz Points out the correlation of invoking Islamic rhetoric in Keyes debate. ” He would be talking about the great needs of Islam. He would be talking about how when our young people go to war and kill Iraqis or kill Jews, they are doing it in the name of Allah.” Yes, Keyes is a great individual but he needs to note that god has been used for both good and evil appeals. Dershowitz adds that he was not quoting George Washington, but only Joseph Lieberman from the New York times.Dershowitz states that the founding fathers were ordinary individuals that would talk about sexism, racism, and slavery. The British did not agree for a reason, the founding fathers were not clear. Dershowitz claimed that Keyes insulted so many individuals that fought against cruelty, those who may have been Christians, Buddhists, Shintoists, or atheists. Keyes is attacking great individuals thinking somehow religion has a correlation with human rights. “Look, I don't know whether God exists. I don't know that. And I tell you one thing, I am not frightened of my beliefs”. Organized religion is not an excuse to apologize for what occurred and to continue with the wrong doings. Religion did not solve our problems before and it will continue to fail to do

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