Private Or Public? You Decide? Thinking About Being A Capitalist Or A Communist?

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Private or Public? You Decide.

Thinking about being a Capitalist or a Communist is a thought to where you have to think about not only yourself but your whole family. You have to think to yourself, do you want to own a home one day and make a better space for your community? Other than making it a better place for the government and the way they rule over us by providing the housing for us, handling all of our needs without most people working for what they want, and need for when it 's time for them to provide for their families. If you could think about put yourself in those peoples shoes, imagine how you would feel if you had no choice but to depend on the government to provide for your family instead of you going out and working to make a stable life for your family. You could be a communist and work with a group of people that are building a brand for your family, you could manage things such as a community farm or things like that so it would be double or triple the food to last you longer. You could have more hands working to build homes for the upcoming families that are going to join your community. Being apart of capitalism and/or communism is a big part of your families life and the ones that are later to add on.
Coming up in capitalism or communism some people have their own opinions about how things should have been handled. One person that had strong feelings about what was going on was Mr. Karl Marx. His definition of capitalism was "a social, economic…

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