Prison Reforms : The United States Essay

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Zakaria Mohamud,
ENGL 1020
Brian Davis Prison Reforms The United States of America, we the number in almost of everything, for example diversity in cultures, religion, political, and economy wise. Many countries look up to us. We are the country to beat in many thing and many see us as they idol. Surly we are not perfect but right next to perfect. Although many things seemingly well, they another things that look awful as well. I’m taking about prisons. “Prisons throughout the world hold about 10 million people. The United States has the highest percentage of prisoners in its population. Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland have relatively low prison populations” (Finckenauer). Which really sounds awful bad, and looks extremely wrong not only to us, but also to those countries who look up to us, and those who are competing with us. Why do we have so many inmates in cells in the entire face of the earth? How does prison population in America compare to other nations. However; how you can reduce these mindlessly and over flowing of inmates? They so many ways we can handle these; easy effective way out of these crazy dilemma. We can be more humane against these crimes that may decrease crime and root problem to criminal justice system. First step, we can adjust sentences for lesser crimes. Reducing time served in jails, so many peoples are in jails, some prisons have pass the maximum inmates, and it just over flow of inmates. It…

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