Priarie Waters Project Essay

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PMI 2011 Project Of The Year Award Winner

The Prairie Waters Project
Prairie Waters Project (PWP) was the largest water project of its type completed in more than 30 years in Colorado. The efforts and unwavering ethics of the project team members resulted in delivering outstanding water quality to the city of Aurora.
A severe drought in 2002-2004 left the city of Aurora with only a 9-month supply of water. The Leaders of the city considered over 40 optional ways and methods to get additional water to customers of Aurora. They considered importing additional water from across the continental divide. After careful review, the city decided on what is now known as the Prairie Waters Project. This water delivery system brought in
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This manual provided planning-level direction on all aspects of the PWP and included sections detailing the responsibilities of the Program Management Team. This document listed roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures, management of design consultants, regulatory and land acquisition guidelines, construction contract management, public involvement and outreach, risk management and quality control, and a program control system for schedule and financial reporting.
The PMT also designed a web-based portal called Prairie Net to support the exchange of information, encourage team building, and improve the dissemination of permitting and property acquisition information. This portal tool facilitated knowledge sharing among all members and users of the portal thereby increasing each team members’ performance substantially. Members and teams could easily interact in its own knowledge area but also with other knowledge areas. A total of 10 individual contracts totaling nearly $450 million were tracked and managed through this portal. Many key elements contributed to the success of the PWP. Teamwork and adhering to the highest ethical standards was a key factor in the success of this project as all engineering firms worked together as one team. The team focused early attention on permitting strategy, negotiation of stakeholder agreements, and land acquisition. They utilized a comprehensive

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