Prevention And Awareness Of Native American Youth Suicide Essay

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This essay will examine interventions to improve the prevention and awareness of Native American youth suicide. Interventions include the work from Le and Gobert exploring the ideations mindfulness-based suicide prevention, and work from Robinson, Hetrick, Cox, Bendall, Yuen, Yung & Pirkis exploring the idea that suicide rates can be reduced from internet based interventions. Both interventions that were explored showed promising results, and allow plenty of room for further growth regarding each intervention. Promoting resilience and reducing factors that increase risk is the goal of suicide prevention. Both of these interventions have been the most successful programs thus far in the fight to reduce suicide rates in the Native American community. Since “suicide rates among American Indian Alaska Native children and adolescents are the highest in the United States,” (Gary, Baker & Grandbois, 2005) and the social and stress determinants contribute to the existing susceptibilities that Native American youth will be exposed to and these modern interventions will hopefully aid in the process of reducing risk for this population.

Intervention Strategy 1: Mindfulness-Based Youth Suicide Prevention

Among the Native American youth community’s suicide has raised significant social and public health issues. The study by Thao Le and Judith Gobert explore whether a mindfulness-based prevention can be translated and implemented in a Native American youth population.…

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