Essay about Pretty Woman, A Romantic Comedy

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Pretty Woman Pretty Woman, a romantic comedy, portrays two independent individuals from opposite social classes and how their accidental meeting changes themselves and the stigmatism society places on them. As the movie rolls forward the viewers begin to see many similarities and differences between the two headstrong characters. While simultaneously the views and opinions of the public created situations where the characters had to examine their own ideals. Located in the downtown strip of Los Angeles, is a young woman that roams the streets. Her exterior look of a stripper and sassy attitude brings on attention that only suffices her recurring monthly rent bill. Vivian portrays herself as tougher than nails, while trying to survive the harsh and discriminating opinions around her. But underneath this wild profession she is an honest, sincere, quirky girl who just wants to be rescued by a knight in shining armor. But in terms of social stratification she is located on the bottom of the food chain compared to Edward Lewis, who is a successful businessman that destroys companies to build his own. He lives a well-pampered lifestyle where he is constantly idolized by his peers and is seen to “have it all.” Much like Vivian who didn’t have a good parental figure in her life, he fills his time by taking on the role of a workaholic, setting goals and achievements that only serve a temporary happiness. The social barriers between the characters in Pretty Women are a result of…

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