Prestige University Case Study

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Question #1.
The financial firms like the investment bankers were the original, principal innovators of this particular symbolic framing of the Corporate America. The purpose of increasing shareholder value by using the stock market was rearranged to the managers by the investment bankers. The shareholders’ value changes to organization strategy and focused on the financial and economics. The investment banks goal is to please shareholder by creating shareholder value.
The shareholders are to blame for the problems of Corporate America. The shareholders are the owners of the company which mean they are the ones running the company and should do what is good for the company. If the shareholders did not do what was benefit for the corporation
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The college environment, alumni or peer networks that focus on Wall Street and students’ career options settle into a narrow hierarchy. Wall Street recruiters are constantly present on campus and there is a huge alumnus within Wall Street that made it easier for peers to find network in Wall Street. Wall Street is a way to maintain the students’ elite status in society by providing avenues to wealth and power that other jobs do not. Wall Street wants to maintain their elite status and these Prestige University are known for their display of smartness. This shows that there is a mutual obsession between Wall Street and these Prestige …show more content…
Companies are hiring more financial background executives and not in engineering and designer employees because they de-value making products. These employees are at risks of getting downsized. Also get reduced wages and decrease in benefits.
c) This hypothesis logically follows Lin and Tomaskovic-Devey’s relational analysis in that the social relations between the owners and workers will generate less income inequality. If corporations focused on the profit then there will be less significance on financialization which leads to more investments in production and workers and increase of labor’s bargaining power and lead to an increase in value of

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