Presidents Of The Progressive Era

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Great Presidents of the Progressive Era were Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Lasting from 1985 to 1920, the Progressive movement in America endeavored to alter corruption in government, enhance social reform, and lessen corporate power (597). Each President fulfilled Progressive goals in part by enacting regulations, promoting social efficiency, restricting abuse of power and foreign influence (599). Roosevelt and Wilson resonated the underlying theme of the Progressive Era by overcoming challenges to focus on domestic and foreign policy.

Challenges which Roosevelt and Wilson faced in the early nineteen hundreds exist today. Roosevelt entered the Presidency after McKinley was assassinated. There he faced many conflicts which
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He was criticized for selling goods to Britain and France (676). He was criticized for his handling of the treaty at the end of the war (688). Each President was challenged by current events at home and worldwide. Despite controversy, each President elevated the role of President was responsible for landmark domestic and foreign policy.

Domestic Policy for both Roosevelt and Wilson exemplified the protection of all classes. Roosevelt Administration (1904 -1908) operated under his belief that the government should act as an umpire (618). Instructing the U.S. Justice Department to enforce anti-trust laws to prosecute railroads, meatpacking and oil trusts, business began with his presidency. In 1904 the Supreme Court ordered the breakup of Northern Securities Company for anti -trust violations. Fostering the expansion of enforceable government regulations. Roosevelt believed he could hinder public exploitation, therefore creating the Department of Labor and Commerce to assist or investigate companies (619). Continuing his public interest quest, Roosevelt supported regulatory legislation to protect consumers with the passage of the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Drug and Food Act in 1906(620). Expanding government ‘s involvement in conservation Roosevelt tripled the number
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Without them, we may have grown up working in the mines at twelve, existing in a world where might makes right. Issues regarding race equality is where each of these Presidents fell short. Race and social status still influence society today. Theodore Roosevelt, was a fighter; Woodrow Wilson a politician. Together they influenced our country through social reform giving a voice to the

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