Essay Presidential Election Vs. Texas Primary Election

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With the Texas Primary Election less than two weeks away, now is a crucial time period for SFA students to get informed about this year’s presidential candidates and their agendas.

“The best way to get the government to respond to your concerns is to be involved in the voting process,” said Dr. Steven Galatas, SFA professor and political scientist. “Know who the candidates are and what they stand for.”

The Texas Primary Election is the process that allows Texas residents to nominate who they wish to see as a primary candidate for the presidential election.

This year’s primary will be conducted through an indirect ballot, meaning a voting ballot will list the names of delegates who support certain candidates rather than listing the names of the 2016 candidates specifically.

“We are being asked to help the prospective political parties choose who their candidate for the presidency will be, but it is indirect. You have to pick a political party,” said Dr. Galatas about the way the primaries work.

In this year’s primary, because the ballot corresponds to a representative delegate rather than a candidate, it is important that voters make a decision about which party they identify with before arriving to vote on Tuesday, March 1.

Another key factor in the voting process is to be sure you are prepared ahead of time.

After being officially registered, those seeking to vote must present one of the seven forms of accepted identification upon arrival in order participate.…

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