Essay on President 's National Security Policy Priorities

1522 Words Dec 15th, 2016 7 Pages
In a democratic system, there is no absolute leadership, no matter how powerful it is, the constitution provides always a check and balance with other authorities and institutions. In addition to check and balance, other factors like the advisory team, the lobbies, and the international institutions constraint the president’s ability to pursue his national security policy priorities. In this paper, I will argue that the congress with his constitutional power, and the president’s advisory team with their close proximity to the president are the factors that most severely constrain the president to pursue the national security policy priorities. The first factor to constraint the president ability to pursue his national security policy priorities is the congress. Due to the power provided by the constitution, the congress plays a significant role in security affairs, it has the power to authorize and appropriate all federal funds including military budgets, and shapes national defense programs through both funding and investigations. For instance, in May 2009, the Congress passed an amendment with bipartisan support to a supplemental spending bill that dropped the $80 million the administration had requested to close Guantanamo. It also prohibited spending appropriated funds for closing Guantanamo or bringing any of its detainees into the United States . Furthermore, the congress has three major impacts on the defense side of the executive branch. First, military and…

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