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“Thank you, Ms. Price. And now to you, Representative Mitchell,” Peter said. “Thank you. It is a pleasure to be here tonight. America is on the right track. Just look at the progress our nation has made over the past decade: Our economy is booming, taxes have never been lower, and Americans are rejoicing in a wave of liberty that I embrace with every fiber of my being. As your president, I will apply the principle that ‘government that governs least, governs best’ to every decision I make, every law I support, every regulation I enforce. However, there are some areas where we are beginning over-steer, and where I believe we will continue to over-steer if the presidency is handed to my opponent, Governor Birch. We cannot be lulled into believing …show more content…
But don’t forget, it’s not just him. We have a whole slate of other candidates we need to get elected, too. Some of them aren’t polling as strongly. Let’s hope that today’s rallies get the ball rolling in the right direction.” The helicopter lifted off. William stared down at his orchard. September had slipped into October, and the crop was coming into full bloom. The harvest would begin within weeks. A few hints of red and yellow on some of the less hearty trees sprinkled Sleeping Giant. The helicopter flew towards a long, thin, blue strip that snaked through the green, late-summer canopy. The pilot used the Connecticut River as a guide as they flew north towards the first of the stadium rallies. The helicopter flew several hundred feet above the Connecticut River as it approached Hartford. A line of traffic stretched as far William could see in both directions approaching the city along Interstate 91 North and South, and Interstate 84 East and West. The helicopter slowed and took a position in a line of helicopters hovering over the Meadows Theatre. The pilots waited their turn to land on a small helipad at the back of the theater. William stared down at the parking lot where hordes of people tailgated. People were beginning to abandon their vehicles on the highway and side roads leading to the lot, and walk towards the Meadows Theatre. The State Police had all but given up on trying to manage the surge of

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