President Obama 's A More Perfect Union Speech Essay example

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In Presidents Obama’s “A More Perfect Union speech, the President paints a very dark picture of the path that the American people are going down. President Obama points out the obvious flaw that riddles American society, racial division. He also makes it clear that poor public education, corporate America, and the lack of unity is only making the division worse. By the use of strong rhetoric, The President establishes his argument that there is a need for change in society; however, his argument lacks the necessary evidence to support his claim. President Obama states that societies problems are “…neither black or white or latino or Asian, but problems that confront us all” (Obama 463) and the only way to overcome these problems is to come together. The part of the argument that Obama’s speech is missing is the how people should come together and how coming together as a nation will solve the problems the American people face. By not providing possible solutions to the problems, the President takes away from the strength of his argument. In the first art of his speech, President Obama makes it clear that there is still a deep racial divide in the country. He evens points out that the comments of his former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, occasionally preaches in such a manner that can widen the racial divide. However, the President makes it clear that comments like that only push the racial gap even father apart. “…Reverend Wright’s comments were not only wrong but…

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